St. Croix Confidential - History Column

In 2010 and 2011 I had a ton of fun writing a column called St. Croix Confidential about the St. Croix Valley of Wisconsin and Minnesota for the local Patch site, where a former student of mine was editor. I also wrote a few business and feature articles for Patch too. Most of the column links should still be active (albeit recent Patch design changes and Patch's subtle shift from hyper-local to quasi-regional) -- apologies if they are not:

Looking for Hudson History? Willis H. Miller Left Quite a Legacy

The Village of Burkhardt: Bustling Then and Now

Ghost-Writer Michael Norman to Appear at Chapter2Books

Teens Take to the Streets to Learn Hudson History

North Hudson Cooks Up Plans for Centennial

A Somerset Moon, Gov. John Blaine and J. Burritt Smith: A Wisconsin Sampling in Prohibition and Repeal

Seeking Hudson History in the Civil War

Exploring Hudson's Legacy in Upper Midwest Scouting

Film Crew Stops in Houlton for Wisconsin Supper Club Documentary

Hudson Library's History Room Offers Portal to the Past

Life in the Past Lane: Hudson's Yellowstone Trail Heritage Days

Octagon House Prepares for Civil War Sesquicentennial

North Hudson: The Little Village with a Big Italian Past

Dibbo's Cafe Serves its Last Cup of Joe

Marina Pole Marks River Crests of Past Hudson Floods

Cheers to the Wisconsin Tavern

Skiing History Part 3: Snow Memories, Schussing Along the St. Croix Valley Ski Trail

Skiing History Part 2: Alpine skiing has deep roots in the hills of Hudson near Perch Lake

Skiing History Part 1: Digging into the permafrost of local ski jumping history reveals that in the past it carried over into the summer, right here in Hudson.

The Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Historic Railroad Car Shop District was once a Superfund Site

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